Theory Group





  • Alexander Hagg
  • Stefan Otto
  • Inga Plafky (/w M. Müller)
    • Rough sets, modal logic; verIT
  • Stefan Reinhard (/w M. Müller)
    • PARIA, ACME; verIT
  • Ralf Boeckhorst (/w A. Asteroth)
    • LEV-Safety; verIT
  • Daniel Ginster (/w A. Asteroth)
    • LEV-Safety; verIT
  • Alexander Löwen (/w A. Asteroth)
    • Effizente Mobilität


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SS 2012 (summer term)

WS 2011/12 (winter term)

SS 2011 (summer term)

BSC/MSc Theses

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Verification and Model Checking

WikiTag: vmc.

Current Project: Model checking pedelec controller software. See also: VerIT

Statistical Data Mining

WikiTag: sdm
PCA, Clustering, ...

Relational Knowledge Discovery and Logic Machine Learning

WikiTag: rkd
Multimodal Logic, Rough Sets, Inductive Logic, Relation Algebra.

Algebraic Foundations of Computer Science

WikiTag: alg

Cryptography, Quantum Computing

Selected Publications

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